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Muchas gracias por estos 15 años juntos.

Personal Trainer In Las Palmas

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Personal Trainer In Las Palmas:
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24 years of experience have taught me that you dont just want to be trained ... you want to know how to feed yourself, be motivated, inspired and accompanied throughout the process.
Lets improve your relationship with food, your intestinal health, your mitochondrial health and get to the emotional root of your bad habits, in order to truly reinvent yourself.
The results?:
Morning energy
Better sleep
Better sexuality
An attractive aesthetic, as a result of excellent health
More patience and acceptance
Less anxiety
In short…take control of your life

About me:
24 years of experience in nutritional counseling
Personal trainer since 1996
Investigation of alternative therapies for chronic diseases
Researcher in detection and mitigation of artificial electromagnetic frequencies
Researcher in optimization of circadian biology
Languages: Spanish, English


Personal trainer

En: personal trainer, healh, aesthetic, spirituality, wellbeing

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Muchas gracias por estos 15 años juntos.